Activity Fee


Every year the IES PTO collects a field trip Activity Fee to fund the grade level field trips for all grades. After much discussion last year, the decision was made to increase the Activity Fee for the 2017-2018 school year to include a hard cover yearbook for every student. Should you wish to opt out of ordering a yearbook you will have the chance to do that when you sign in to pay your Activity Fee. The rates for 2017-2018 are:

KG – 3rd Grade Students - $38 ($20 if you opt out of a yearbook)
4th – 5th Grade Students - $43 ($25 if you opt out of a yearbook)


If you choose to opt out of a yearbook when you pay your Activity Fee, NO YEARBOOK WILL BE ORDERED FOR YOUR CHILD.  THERE WILL NOT BE A SEPARATE YEARBOOK SALE at any time during the school year. 


Go to My Account to pay the Activity Fee online.


If you elect not to pay your child’s Activity Fee by October 1, 2017, you will be responsible for the actual cost of your child’s field trip and pro rata cost of the field trip transportation if they wish to participate. If the field trip costs are not paid, your student will not attend the field trip and will be retained at school with appropriate alternative assignments. Please note that NO YEARBOOK WILL BE ORDERED FOR ANY STUDENT WHOSE ACTIVITY FEE IS NOT PAID BY OCTOBER 1, 2017.

scholarship assistance

If your family is experiencing financial hardship, please contact Dr. Michalowski and scholarship assistance will be provided confidentially.  

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